10 October 2005

Why is that Farmer jumping up and down?

In October 2005, we wrote to the Home Office regarding Magic Mushrooms, seeking clarification as to what rules would be applied where mushrooms were growing on land. There had been some confusion about this.

The rather sweet response from Tawa Bishi makes all things clear.
Thanks to the wording of "Misuse of Drugs (amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2005, the prohibition against mushrooms does not apply if the fungus "is growing uncultivated." So if the mushroom is merely growing and the landowner does nothing to promote this process, then the presence of the mushroom is not illegal.

Further, Tawa Bishi assures us that "there is no obligation on landowners to remove psilocybe mushrooms which are growing uncultivated on their land."

We also asked how mushrooms should be destroyed. An ever-helpful Tawa explains:
"There is no set method of destruction...The mushrooms can be burnt, stamped upon and crushed, or allowed to decompose."

You couldn't make it up, really!

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