23 October 2006

Heroin Chic: Kate Moss, Jane Henderson and Topshop

It's not often that KFx dips it's toe into the heady world of fashion. But having had an insight into why former Topshop's fashion director recently quit, we felt obliged to share it.

As fashion followers will know, model Kate Moss was appointed as a fashion designer by the head of Topshop. This we learn was not the final straw for Ms Henderson.

What was, we understand, was that her initial offerings appeared to be some fairly 'distressed' clothes, which were somewhat ragged and (dare we say it) dirty.

We understand that being offered these as a design offering were a bridge too far, and this resulted in Ms Henderson's departure.

The only thing that remains unanswered is...were these products in fact Pete Doherty's unwashed clothes? We wait to learn more, avidly.

In the meantime, thoroughly ashamed of ourselves for running such superficial twaddle, we now resume normal service!

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